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Industrial Painting

After fabrication, our customers have the option of getting their product finished with an industrial coating of their choice. The coatings we offer are epoxy, polyurethanes, zinc coatings, anti-rust applicants and more. In some situations, before paint, the items need to get sandblasted so that that coating will adhere to it better. Our sandblasting booth is 12’ Wide x 13’10” Tall x 31’ 6” Long and uses medium-iron grit. We have (2) paint booths with the  first one measuring 18’ Wide x 16’ High x 54’ Long and the second 18’ Wide x 16’ x 40’ Long.

In doing our part to ensure a quality   finish, we follow the guidelines of SSPC. The Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC) is a non-profit organization providing protective coating certifications for 70 years. SSPC develops and publishes widely used industry standards for surface preparation, coating selection, coating application, painting contractor certification, and testing. Standing committees periodically review and update the standards as required.

G&S employee, Dale successfully completed the ‘Quality Control Supervisor’ course sponsored by The Society for Protective Coatings’. This is a 16-week course that is designed to provide training in quality management for SSPC certified Companies.   It details the quality management aspects of surface preparation, paint, coatings, and inspection operations that a Quality Control Supervisor (QCS) needs to know to ensure delivery of a quality product to customers. 

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