If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem!

As a Company, G&S Manufacturing, LLC recognizes the importance the trades have in keeping our Country moving forward. We strongly support the schools and organizations in our area promoting the trades. Read below on how G&S Manufacturing, LLC plays a part in promoting welding & fabrication in effort to encourage more people to pursue the trades.

South Central College: We contributed to their new welding lab and each semester we get involved with their students through tours and classroom visits.  John and Jessica currently serve on the welding advisory committee where they collaborate with the school staff and various welding shops in the area to ensure the content being taught in school is current with what the workforce is looking for.

Cathedral High School: They recently offered a welding class to their students and it was a group effort to get it off the ground! Pat, Laura, and Jessica stepped up to the challenge when the full-time instructor needed help in the classroom! We enjoyed getting in the classroom and introducing welding to the students.

NU Public High School: Not only do they have a welding class offered to students, but they also have a class called Eagle Enterprises which is a student ran business giving students real life experience. At the start of the class, students are interviewed for various positions and go to work from there on projects for the community. At the end of the year, the profits from the projects are split appropriately between the students and given out as scholarships! Jessica currently serves on the Eagle Enterprises board.

Big Ideas: Huge asset to the community bringing awareness and promoting all the trades! They provide classes for anyone to learn more. We collaborate with them to promote the welding and industrial painting trades. We always look forward to working together and strongly support their efforts. Check out this video they did with Adam Towles (Foresee Studio) videotaping.  https://vimeo.com/437732881!

 Cathedral High School Welding Program